Our patented KleverShop® 2.0 is revolutionizing grocery shopping!

If the following resonates with your company … you will definitely want to talk with us.

Retailers and CPG manufacturers seeking a more powerful means of generating and tracking promotions need to see our KleverShop® 2.0 mobile digital product (powered by Klever Marketing). It’s efficient, consumers are extremely impressed with its digital coupon offering, loyalty points, shopping list and product nutrition features, and retailers and manufacturers will realize higher profits from utilizing KleverShop®.

KleverShop® 2.0 will be branded (white labeled) specifically for your store with your name, colors, graphics and logos. Klever will customize it for your needs.

KleverShop® is the only mobile digital promotion solution designed to link the consumer, retailer and CPG manufacturer. Below is a partial list of our product’s benefits. Contact us after you have read these, and let’s GET STARTED.

“If you are going to compete tomorrow … today you need to embrace mobile shopping and partner with KleverShop®.” – Robert Campbell, Klever Marketing


  • Increase basket lift and product sales revenue
  • Enhance customer loyalty and insulate customers from competition
  • Create new customers
  • Speed up your store checkout process
  • Click on ‘For Retailers’ tab for complete list of benefits

CPG Manufacturer

  • Reduce costs of reaching and influencing consumers
  • Eliminate losses from miss/mal/gang coupon redemption
  • Reduce redemption time
  • Speed up your store checkout process
  • Click on ‘For Manufacturers’ tab for complete list of benefits


  • Shopping time savings and faster store checkout
  • Grocery purchase savings
  • More enjoyable shopping experience
  • Eliminate hassles of finding, clipping and handling paper coupons
  • Receive rewards for retailer patronage
  • Better product decisions and higher brand confidence
  • Receive coupons for products and brands you shop for
  • Receive coupon promotions while shopping