About Us

Image: Klever Marketing's office building

Klever Marketing is utilizing mobile technology to revolutionize the grocery shopping experience.

Klever has been a leader in producing in-store marketing solutions since 1996, and most recently has transitioned its patented technology solutions to allow consumers, retailers and product manufacturers to connect through our mobile technology platform.


Our Team

Image: Paul G. Begum

Paul G. Begum: Chief Executive Officer and President

Paul G. Begum is the company founder, and has served as president and CEO for most of the company’s 15-year history. He is a true entrepreneur, having successfully developed and brought to market several major products and companies. He provides daily oversight to Klever company development and provides guidance to the project team.

Image: Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell: Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Financial Officer

Bob is responsible for company operations and financial performance, and under the direction of Paul, oversees the operations of the company. Bob is an experienced executive with 35 years experience running multi-million dollar time critical development programs. He is thoroughly experienced with all aspects of program and systems development, including financial controls, program scheduling and control, engineering design management, contract management and technical systems development.

Image: Steve Wilt

Steve Wilt: Product Innovation

Steve is founder and president of Innovus, a consulting firm focused on business innovation and change who has assisted Klever with the creation and development of its mobile products. Steve is a forward-looking, far reaching thinker who helps companies such as Klever envision the far-reaching potential of it’s product line. He is a senior executive with demonstrated success designing, building and leading high performance organizations to achieve significant ‘top-to-bottom-line’ revenues and profit gains. As a thought-leader, authored Functional Thinking and built The Mechanism™ as pioneering approaches to business innovation, transformation and organizational change. Steve was previously an EVP at Fujitsu Consulting and VP at Netigy.