For Retailers

Our patented KleverShop® 2.0 is revolutionizing grocery shopping!

Retailers benefits:

  • Increase basket lift and product sales revenue
  • Enhance customer loyalty and insulate customers from competition through KleverShop® customer loyalty program based on shopping activities
  • Create new customers from KleverShop® app referrals and Chime-Time™ Awards Program
  • Speed up store checkout process via POS system interface with Hock & Tender including single bar code scan resulting in operations cost savings
  • Offer new and creative promotions that capitalizes on shift to mobile shopping
  • Promote store private label and generic non-branded products
  • Create more satisfied customers due to money and time savings, and more enjoyable shopping experience
  • Generate customized marketing emails directed to frequent, infrequent and lost customers
  • Provide better targeted promotion campaigns

Retailer Dashboard

Create store campaign & digital coupon offers

Image: Screenshot of the KleverShop Store Locator

Enter customer loyalty reward values & coupon offers

Image: Screenshot of the KleverShop scanning an item

View customer activity & communicate with customers

Image: Screenshot of KleverShop coupon check out

Enter customer loyalty reward activities & points

Image: Screenshot of KleverShop's Shopping List

Monitor & control promotion activity

Image: Screenshot of a KleverShop coupon

Prepare and review promotion transaction reports

Image: Screenshot of KleverShop Chime-Time