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Use Mobile to Get Connected

Klever Marketing offers product suppliers a way to connect
(and stay connected) to the consumer
at the Point-of-Selection®

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Klever MMS

Klever Marketing's Mobile Management Services (MMS) is a platform that enables product suppliers to engage their own mobile couponing programs with consumers at the Point-of-Selection®, before they enter the store. Klever's easy to implement program can be launched in just three steps.

  • Onsite MMS discovery. Determine whether a mobile marketing platform is right for you. If so, we'll help you develop the strategy. Free Consultation
  • Determine the right Klever MMS solution for your company or brand and set up the Klever MMS database and KleverDash campaign management tool.
  • Launch your mobile couponing campaign through KleverDash, using the KleverShop app to reach your consumers.

Klever Workshop

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Through a unique approach and experience, we fuse together the knowledge, experience and imagination of your team with our insights and understanding of the mobile landscape to create a clear vision and set of strategies that ensures your approach to mobile marketing provides the greatest return to your business.

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Klever Dash

Image: Screenshot of the KleverShop KleverDash

KleverDash is an unprecedented reporting and analytics dashboard tool that provides localized real-time access for supplier management teams to more efficiently setup and manage the performance of coupon and promotional offers, view consumer information, and manage internal information.

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Klever Shop

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A mobile shopping app that enables consumers to access supplier coupon offers and product information while connecting them to retailer locations and store directories. KleverShop brings these three user groups together through the KleverKloud, the database that stores the information and makes the connection possible.

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