How Does It Work?

KleverShop makes your shopping experience enjoyable by doing the hard work for you.

Image: Female grocery shopper with her smart phone in hand

KleverShop Features

Image: Screenshot of the KleverShop Store Locator

Store Locator

Your customers use the KleverShop® app to locate deals at your local grocery stores, along with the store location and other pertinent store information. Once your customers arrive, they check-in to the store to receive customer loyalty awards points and a chance to win Chime-Time™ awards.

Image: Screenshot of the KleverShop scanning an item

Scanning Capabilities

Whether your customers scan products at home or at the store, they can scan in a product’s UPC code using the app photo scan option to get product ingredients and nutritional information. Need low fat, low carb, or gluten free items? Find them using KleverShop®!
Coming soon – recipes.

Image: Screenshot of KleverShop coupon check out

Check-Out with Coupons

After your customers have finished shopping, they bring their products to the check-out counter and as they are checking out, they click the ‘check-out’ button to redeem coupons. Regardless of the number of coupons clipped, KleverShop® generates just a single bar code on their smartphone that your cashier scans. Customers’ savings will be realized at the cash register while they check-out and savings are itemized on the customers’ sales receipt.

Image: Screenshot of KleverShop's Shopping List

Shopping List

With KleverShop® – your customer can build their own shopping list right from home and can share it with friends and family. They just type in products or scan in the product UPC code using the app photo scan option. The app even stores your shopping list so customers don’t have to recreate it every time they shop.

Image: Screenshot of a KleverShop coupon

Identify and Clip Coupons

Your customers can search for coupons by grocery categories.  They can scan product UPC codes to determine if a coupon is available for that specific product or a similar product, and KleverShop® may even recommend coupon offers for related items.  Your customers’ shopper behavior will be cataloged, allowing coupons to be delivered for products they typically shop for.

Image: Screenshot of KleverShop Chime-Time

KleverPoints Customer Loyalty Program and Chime-Time Awards

Your customers are rewarded with KleverPoints for shopping activities including checking in to your store, shopping basket dollars spent, referring KleverShop® app to friends and family, and much more.  Loyalty points are redeemed for dollars off your customers’ next purchase.  Customers also receive Chime-Time™ awards that are randomly delivered to customers checked in to your store.  All customers checked in are notified that a Chime-Time™ winner has been awarded.  Awards are redeemed for instant dollars off the Chime-Time™ winner’s purchase.