Klever Marketing Announces Revolutionary Mobile Phone Solutions to Supermarket Retailers & Packaged Goods Manufacturers

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LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Klever Marketing, Inc. is pleased to announce Bridge Funding is now in place for the company’s upcoming roll-out of its revolutionary mobile management platform application for a major grocery chain in Southern California.

Klever Marketing’s unique cloud-based Mobile Management Platform (KleverKloud™) delivers easy-to-use mobile coupons and advertising campaigns for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers. It also provides simplicity of accessing product information and savings from mobile handheld devices to consumers. Mobile campaigns will take on a new dimension of creativity and effectiveness –at lower costs than traditional discount programs.

The KleverShop™ licensed app will eliminate the need for manufacturers and retailers to create their own mobile management program. Klever Marketing will assist retailers to provide a custom mobile management platform so retailers can concentrate on their core business.

Klever Marketing has also added “Black Belt” industry leaders to its growing team with expertise in the fields of retail, social media marketing and mobile technology. Klever is now well-positioned with the right strategy and resources to insure the success of our revolutionary mobile technology solution.

Klever recently executed a contract extension with its software developer to expand its all-important ‘analytics’ engine, which has potential for increased revenue by allowing real-time mobile reporting and data mining. Additionally, Klever’s developers are integrating technology to allow shoppers to share mobile coupons and promotional offers with their social networks.

Our KleverKloud™ database is becoming a powerful provider for consumer product database analytics, with the ability of tracking product purchases and buying trends. Klever’s powerful web-based platform will serve the informational needs of consumers, product manufacturers and retailers. KleverKloud™ is a valuable resource for the targeted placement of mobile promotions and coupons. Klever’s powerful search match engine and business analytics will be available for licensing in future shopping applications.

A Flash Demo is currently underway to share the KleverShop™ story to the marketplace and confirming what our new patented software application accomplishes unlike other current mobile applications.

Klever Marketing, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, is seeking selective opportunities to acquire private companies in the Mobile Phone Technology arena as acquisition targets. KleverShop™ will soon be available for consumer download on both the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace.

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