Klever Marketing, Inc. Announces Completion of Its Test and Demonstration Laboratory and Development Launch of KleverShop 2.0

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Klever Marketing is pleased to announce both the completion of its Test and Demonstration Laboratory and the development kickoff of KleverShop® 2.0.
To improve the efficiency of their software testing without having to actually visit a store, they have assembled a complete check-out test center with all the electronic equipment normally found in a grocery checkout stand – scanner, monitor, keyboard, receipt printer and required servers. This NCR equipment is geared towards the ISS 45 POS and includes the installation of their patented ‘Hook and Tender’ single SKU checkout process. With this lab, they will be able to thoroughly test their software before any store demonstrations or installations.
Klever has also begun the development of KleverShop® 2.0 with a Beta Release targeted for the end of March 2015. This release will incorporate new features that their retailers have been requesting. They are expanding their KleverPoints loyalty program with greater awards options and specialty previews from retailers. KleverDash® is being expanded and redesigned with a new look and even easier to use coupon-generation functionality. Coupon selections and navigation options are improved. They are designing KleverShop® primarily for labeling with each of their retailer brands, which they have requested, and much more. They are using the newer Ruby on Rails platform with imbedded documentation, and most importantly, they have designed over 300 standard tests that each new application improvement is run through before incorporation into the software.
With their recently hired marketing director, the sales and marketing program has been intensified with greater exposure into Southern California leading retailer chains and are expected these efforts to soon pay off.

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