Klever Marketing, Inc. Announces Revolutionary New Patented Technology to Supermarket Retailers Using the ISS 45 at the POS

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Klever Marketing, Inc. is excited to announce their revolutionary approach to installing their new ‘Hook & Tender’ (Patent Pending) with the ISS 45 System at the POS System, which can be installed more efficiently in a major time saving approach. This new approach will now standardize how thousands of Independent Markets can save time and money with Klever’s revolutionary standardized ‘Hook & Tender’ along with other POS Systems coming on line shortly.

This revolutionary innovation, the ‘Hook & Tender,’ has been tested for months at Klever’s Beta Store and is now ready for installation with those Independent retailers utilizing the ISS 45 POS System.

In order to prepare for our upcoming commercialization and future installations, Klever has completed an additional raise of capital and has hired consultant Scott Emig, who has a strong background with CPGs (MANUFACTURERS) and Retailers and is currently moving expeditiously to sign up retailers to install Klever’s revolutionary ‘Hook & Tender’ System in our upcoming commercialization.

Klever has also hired a consultant out of Silicon Valley to revise our new Software Program with complete revisions of our Software Application which, when completed by year end, will make our app more efficient and time saving.

With Klever’s new ‘Hook & Tender’ System the company has negotiated to install an entire Front End ISS 45 POS System Module to be used for demonstrations to potential customers at our local office rather than having to take potential customers to the Retail Store, which is not as convenient.

Scott Emig, our new marketing director, has recently demonstrated Klever’s new ‘Hook & Tender’ System to a local chain of supermarkets who are currently making arrangements for future installation.

Klever is currently filing its 10-Q for the quarter ending September 30th, 2014, which will confirm even further debt reduction as we end the calendar year 2014.
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