Klever Marketing Inc. Announces the Release of its Innovative eLoyalty Program

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Klever is Leading the Way!
Klever Marketing Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its eLoyalty program. This program has been in development for several months as the answer to taking retailer loyalty to the next level. Retailers today have loyalty cards and perhaps a mobile loyalty app, but they are not receiving the benefits they had hoped for. They are not mining loyalty data or nurturing shopper relationships. Klever’s eLoyalty program fixes all of that. It creatively reviews each shopper’s buying experience, extracts data specific to each customer and creates digital promotions tailored to each individual.

As shoppers do or do not take advantage of these promotions, additional complimentary promotions are offered, taking each shopper on a journey that continues to build retailer and supplier loyalty. Additionally, points are rewarded for multiple shopping activities (store check-in, coupon redemption, basket uplift, etc.), all of which lead to increased product sales – a true Win-Win! Each shopper manages their own rewards points through an intuitive, interactive dashboard that reminds them of the steps to reach the next plateau of promotions. We are now also reading the eLoyalty program data for extraction into a marketing cloud application o further track and communicate with the shopper during and after their buying experience.

Retailers and suppliers now also have access to customer shopping lists, which allows our software to direct consumers to best value products. Klever is also making full use of gamification features, such as our Chime Time Rewards Program, to encourage shoppers to use their smartphones in the stores. These games give lucky winners store rewards, and everyone using their eLoyalty apps in the store is notified of the announcement. Says Klever CEO Paul Begum, “This is just the beginning. Loyalty programs have so much further to go before they become a truly effective marketing tool, and Klever is leading the way.”

Klever will soon be announcing the selected retailer who will be the first retail user demonstrating the advantages of our new eLoyalty program.

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