Klever Marketing, Inc. to Launch New Website

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Klever Marketing, Inc. is pleased to announce its hiring of two cutting edge marketing agencies to help promote its cutting edge mobile couponing and MMS Platform products. Gigasavvy, an Irvine, CA-based web design and social media marketing agency will be involved with the redesign and hosting of Klever Marketing’s corporate website, the design of Klever’s reporting and analytics portal KleverDash, and Klever Marketing’s SEO and SEM campaigns. Klever Marketing has also hired Ladera Ranch, CA-based Bright Oak Marketing, Design & Development to produce an demo video for Klever Marketing’s website. The animated Flash video will depict a “day in the life” of a busy grocery shopper and the benefits associated with the new KleverShop™ mobile couponing app that will make shopping for groceries enjoyable and more productive.

Klever Marketing’s expected launch date for the new website is Jan 31, 2012. “We’re thrilled to work with partners with such deep web technology experience,” said Paul G. Begum, Klever Marketing Inc.’s CEO. “The management teams at Gigasavvy and Bright Oak really understand our market, and how to effectively reach our audience using the web. Their role will be critical in our success as we get closer to launching our revolutionary new mobile marketing platform.” Klever Marketing is close to signing its showcase grocery retailer in Southern California to beta test its mobile couponing app, KleverShop™.

Klever Marketing® is the industry leader in the delivery of patented in-store marketing technologies dating back to 1999 with the launch of the Giving Cart™. Over the past decade, Klever Marketing has released new generations of its products as memory, battery, and silicon technology have advanced. Today, Klever Marketing offers a mobile management services platform for retail and manufacturer clients looking to implement effective mobile strategies. Klever Marketing’s current products include KleverShop™, a revolutionary mobile phone app that enables consumer product manufacturers and retailers to personalize one-to-one mobile interactions with the consumer to provide mobile coupons, product information and purchase recommendations to simplify the consumer’s shopping experience. Klever Marketing also offers a reporting and analytics dashboard called KleverDash for the management of retail mobile marketing programs and campaign performance.

Paul G. Begum,
CEO, Klever Marketing, Inc.

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