Klever Marketing to Launch Mobile Couponing Solution

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Orange County, CA Retailer Selected to Participate in Launch

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., March 14, 2012 / Klever Marketing, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: KLMK)

Klever Marketing, Inc. has signed a Letter of Intent with an Orange County, CA-based grocery retailer to launch a beta test with Klever’s mobile marketing solutions platform. Klever Marketing’s KleverShop™ mobile couponing app and KleverDash campaign and analytics management dashboard will be the focus of the test rollout, which will provide grocery shoppers with their first real-life experience with the revolutionary app. The beta test culminates seven months of intense work by the company to not only transform its technology to a mobile platform but completely revolutionize the way consumers, retailers and suppliers can interact to achieve a much closer interaction and communication.

“This is an exciting moment for the grocery industry,” said Paul G. Begum, Klever Marketing Inc.’s CEO. “We’re the first company to strategically launch a mobile marketing solution with a retailer that connects data from all three constituents: the retailer, the product supplier, and the consumer. Our retail partner will be able to showcase this technology in a true market environment, and we expect interest in our mobile solution to grow rapidly.”

Not only will the KleverShop app provide entirely new benefits to the consumer, but even more significantly, the KleverDash campaign analytics tool will give retailers and suppliers much greater control and exposure of their promotional campaigns.  The launch is scheduled for Thursday, March 22nd and will run for eight weeks.  The company has also been successful in securing additional equity funding to enable its launch, and will report on the progress of this test.

Klever Marketing® is the industry leader in the delivery of patented in-store marketing technologies dating back to 1999 with the launch of the Giving Cart™.  Over the past decade, Klever Marketing has released new generations of its products as technology has advanced. Today, Klever Marketing offers a Mobile Management Services platform for retail and manufacturer clients looking to implement effective mobile strategies. Klever Marketing’s current products include KleverShop™, a revolutionary mobile phone app that enables consumer product manufacturers and retailers to personalize one-to-one mobile interactions with the consumer to provide mobile coupons, product information and purchase recommendations to simplify the consumer’s shopping experience.

Paul G. Begum
CEO, Klever Marketing, Inc.

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