The following is an explanation of the general features and top line functionality of Klever Marketing’s 2.0 system product components.

Image: KleverShop App on an iPhone


A Mobile shopping app branded for each retailer.. KleverShop® offers:

  • Receive and redeem digital coupons for retailer private label, generic and CPG manufacturer products
  • Receive, accumulate, and redeem KleverPoints customer loyalty rewards points
  • Receive Chime-Time™ randomly delivered incentive rewards to checked in shoppers
  • Create and share shopping lists
  • Locate closest stores from participating grocers with pertinent information
  • Check-in to store (verified via GPS tracking)
  • Receive and view store flyer ads
  • Scan products, receive nutrition information and find available coupons
  • Provide rapid check-out using a single bar code scan for digital coupon redemption


An active, real-time dashboard allowing retailers and CPG manufacturers to:

  • Create and manage digital promotional campaigns
  • Monitor consumer activity including active customer check-ins, coupons redeemed, and customer loyalty points earned and redeemed
  • Make instantaneous promotion changes
  • Deliver coupon performance analytics
  • Create and distribute customized marketing emails to frequent, infrequent and lost customers
  • Generate coupon redemption billing and audit reports


Reward customers in ways that benefit your business.

Patented customer loyalty program KleverPoints (branded for your store) offers creative rewards for consumer activities that lead to increased product sales. It also provides opportunities to communicate with consumers in new and creative ways that lead to increased customer loyalty. Its capability is limited only by your creativity. Standard rewards include points for:

  • Every $ of consumer purchases
  • Redeeming coupons
  • Browsing weekly store ads
  • Checking in to one of your stores
  • Signing up for KleverShop® (branded for your store)
  • Referrals to family and friends

Points are redeemed for $ off your customer’s next purchase. You can customize and add to the features as your loyalty program grows. We can also tie into your existing loyalty card program.


Patented mobile promotion repository for deposit and redemption of retailer and CPG manufacturer coupons – allows precise budget control, managed in real-time from KleverDash®.


Digital hosting network connecting consumers, grocery retailers and CPG manufacturers with a secure and patented platform that stores consumer and promotion information.

Hook & Tender

Patented process hooking into retailer’s POS system to enable verification and redemption of coupons in single barcode at check-out.